ElderFire Communities are models of shelter for aligned groups with common housing aspirations. These groups are drawn together through self-identification of mutual interests and lifestyles. These villages are comprised of magnet clusters of residents and businesses with a specific theme or focus.

What are the possibilities for ElderFire Villages?

  • Artist and Artisan live/work enclaves
  • Mixed use Living Arts Village comprised of multiple enclaves  where diverse resident artists, musicians, academicians, craftspeople, academics and others, collaborate and share their talents and expertise in open, engaging settings.
  • Mixed use  International Village comprised of diverse ethnic groupings with cultural centers, international shops, restaurants and businesses
  • Village Academy adjacent  to or near a collage campus which offers residents unparalleled cultural, educational, and social opportunities
  • Examples of other options which might stand alone or be woven into the fabric of themed village communities might include:
    • living green agriculturally and environmentally; urban homesteading; eco villages
    • health and wellness
    • encore career development and entrepreneurship
    • Beacon Hill styled aging-in-place programs

An ElderFire Village offers its residents a world of new possibilities.

      • New interests are kindled.
      • New careers are born.
      • New movements are formed.

Today ElderFire Communities provides developers and planners with research, resources, connection, and support.

Tomorrow ElderFire Communities will move beyond residential development by expanding services online to educational virtual communities.


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