Harold Shapiro, Founder of ElderFire Communities

Harold Shapiro, CRE

In 2007 Harold Shapiro launched ElderFire Communities, an open source residential platform, to meet the needs of a growing segment of the pre-retirement American population.

The ElderFire concept evolved from Shapiro’s “holonclave principle” [holon-self-sustaining entity; enclave] he designed as a clear roadmap to assist real estate professionals and city planners seeking to address this increasing housing demand from more than 20% of the adult population.

A keen observer of economic and societal shifts, Shapiro recognized the baby boomer generation’s desire for active creative social engagement in communities that will provide them the opportunity to productively “age in place.”  He identified factors that influence the quality of inter-personal relationships as they pertain to building authentic communities. Shapiro shaped the ElderFire vision to respond to the ever-increasing desire of the boomer population for reconnection to environments that facilitate the mutual support and security available in close-knit collaborative “living communities.”

Throughout Shapiro’s extensive real estate career in developing, marketing, management and consulting for residential, office and commercial properties, he has consistently focused on innovation and problem solving. In recognition of his ethics and professionalism Shapiro was inducted into the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), a national honor society in the industry in 1986.

Shapiro served as Senior Vice President of Robert Charles Lesser & Company where he headed the Asset Management Services and Project Equity Search Groups, and as Director of Real Estate for Signal Insurance.

In 2003 Shapiro founded and serves as president of the non-profit Collaborative Housing Council in Ojai, CA. The Council is dedicated to fashioning strong and vibrant communities.

In 1994 Shapiro co-founded Affordable Housing Equity and Development, Inc, (AHEAD) with Home Federal Savings & Loan, which specializes in the production and funding of affordable community-based housing. Shapiro was a member of the Board of Directors of NoHo Arts Council in North Hollywood. He is a trained mediator and conciliator specializing in community issues.

Shapiro received a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA and has completed graduate work in Real Estate and Economics at UCLA and USC.