ElderFire Communities was founded in response to a cultural lifestyle shift and desire for focused communities that meet the needs of over 80M adults who are redefining their goals, values and expectations in anticipation of the second half of their lives. We build communities from the inside out by systematically integrating a social organization of form and space into a ‘Holonclave’ Village.

What Is A Holonclave?

We have coined the term holonclave to identify communities based upon inclusive social groups that are formed out of shared interests, values and collaborative intent. “Holon” combines the Greek word holos (whole) and the suffix on (particle or part) as a term to describe a basic unit of organization in social systems. “Clave” is taken from enclave (a distinct group that lives or operates together within a larger community).

Our goal is to create the mechanisms and programs that form and make economically viable a national network of communities anchored by Elders and other creative, actively engaged individuals. In this context we have developed the platform (system) for proprietary community development and management that enlarges the dynamics and relationship between management and residents.

The Holonclave Open Source System is the backbone of ElderFire Communities. This integrated innovative system allows residents to take the initiative in instituting and customizing policies, programs and the utilization of community space and amenities.


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