ElderFire builds communities from the inside out by systematically integrating a social organization of form and space into a ‘Holonclave’ Village.

Our goal is to create the mechanisms and programs that form and make economically viable a national network of communities anchored by Elders and other creative, actively engaged individuals.

ElderFire Communities was founded in response to a cultural lifestyle shift and desire for focused communities that meet the needs of over 80M adults who are redefining their goals, values and expectations in anticipation of the second half of their lives.

ElderFire Communities introduces a new housing development system that’s time has come. Our communities are designed to meet the expectations and transformative shifting values and attitudes of an impressive and growing segment of the pre-retirement aged adult population.

This age group’s focus is increasingly shifting to residing in real world “living communities” with other transitioning baby boomers who embrace similar values, longer active life spans and the economic realities which are precluding outmoded paradigms of retirement. Today they have the advantage of a longer planning horizon that includes the reassuring potential for aging in-place.

ElderFire members span several generations forming a burgeoning American subculture being hailed as the Cultural Creatives.

ElderFire members comprise an immense new cohort of Americans who are very much like one another—and very different from other Americans—in the values that shape their lives, their fundamental life priorities and perspective on the world.

While ElderFire members are part of a large subculture in America, they are unrecognized by the mainstream where most Americans still identify with the Modern subculture that evolved in response to the Industrial Revolution when urbanization exploded leaving rural life and the traditional lifestyle that went with it in the dust.

Cultural Creatives know they don’t fit in with the materialistic “stuff acquiring” Moderns, but what they don’t know is that they are not alone. In fact there are tens of millions of other “misfit seekers” just like them in America today.

ElderFire members are more likely to shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s than Vons and Kroger’s, seek alternative health solutions over modern medicine, and represent a wide range of ages, income levels, professions, livelihoods, life philosophies and religions

Other identifiers like Self-Actualizers, Post Materialists, Creative Class, and Encore Generation have cropped up to describe this new subculture, but the most common denominator that binds them is that their lifestyle choices conflict with what they view as an alienating cultural environment where people define their lives in terms of consumption.

Cultural Creatives respond better to attraction than promotion, deeper understanding of the big picture than superficial quick fixes, and thoughtful, careful consumption that resonates with their experiential, authentic, and holistic approach to life.

When it comes to shelter, Cultural Creatives look beyond bricks and mortar and seek living and breathing collaborative communities. They have never been drawn to tract houses in treeless bedroom communities, showy condominiums in gated communities, or cookie cutter apartment complexes complete with pools, exercise and party rooms. But their housing choices have been limited by the Modern subculture in which they have been forced to adapt…until now.

ElderFire Communities offer an innovative world of possibilities where residents representing a variety of ages, talents, cultures, religions and diverse political philosophies gather in housing communities that grow organically based on shared interests and compatible social values.

What motivating factors drive this new way of life for ElderFire Community members?

Value and Desire

  • Personal values closely parallel a worldview of interconnection and interdependence.
  • Desire for the mutual support and sense of community-building that comes from collaborative living.
  • Desire to engage with like-minded, but diverse individuals; i.e. artists, writers, organic and sustainable farmers, religious and spiritual groups, entrepreneurs, second career seekers, etc.
  • Desire to live in extended family living communities near their adult children

The numbers are there for an ElderFire Communities national network of rental residential enclaves that support post-materialism values, and offer creative housing opportunities for meaningful engagement, support and creative inspiration for an exceptional quality of life.

ElderFire communities welcome the transitioning Cultural Creative who is looking for a new way to live, work and create that eschews old paradigms of retirement, embraces longer active life spans, and the economic realities and generative possibilities that come with them.


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